Startups Pitching

We are pleased to announce these fantastic startups will be pitching!

IoT Wearables – Your Metabolism based Body Tracker

InfraSonic Monitoring Inc. – Wearable Electronics – introducing CoreTrac, a platform to provide users cardiac performance while doing their activities outside of clinical setting.

SIDS Sensor – Has developed a remote detector for biometrics that can detect breathing from up to 7 meters away.  First medical application is as a SIDS sensor.

Evermed – CPR Glass, a CPR assistant when and where you need it. When seconds count, we count seconds.

Mella – Mella is a wearable device (headband) that eliminates insomnia and allows users to wake up rested, refreshed and ready for the day.  It is a small device worn on the forehead, uses multiple PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) programs to allow users to (1) fall asleep in just 5-20 minutes; (2) to attain restful and productive sleep; and then (3) to wake up naturally or to a light vibration feeling refreshed and well rested, when they want to – not only in the lightness stage of sleep.

Alternate: Fitnescity – Fitness training that uses wearables, as well as years of research in data visualization and computer vision, enabling people to achieve better outcomes in a shorter amount of time.

Hospital Innovations

MagnePath – MagnePath has developed a Virtual Liver Biopsy to help patients with Liver Disease avoid invasive diagnostic procedures.   Chronic Liver Disease is becoming increasingly prevalent, with 10% of all children, 30% of the general population and 75% of the obese population currently dealing with fatty liver disease.   The MagnePath solution will benefit multiple parties with an interactive report for patient education, an efficient & quantitative interpretation for the radiologist, and better coordination of diagnosis & care for the referring physician.

CARE+WEAR – Designing innovative healthwear to create a more positive and effective healing experience for patients everywhere.

medtimers – Helping healthcare facilities inform their patients of wait times in real time

Cognuse – A Comprehensive rehabilitation platform for the continuum of care

Pharma Tech

Navinata Health – Optimizing 2-way knowledge exchange between Pharma & Physicians

Dr. I-net – Developing a new therapeutic solution for treating type II Diabetes

Blue Mesa Health – Blue Mesa Health has the solution with Transform, a digital diabetes prevention program tailored for your population

Consult Canary – a dynamic decision support services organization that enables healthcare proactively engage their patients across the continuum of care to improve health outcomes, develop meaningful relationships and drive awareness.

Clinical Interaction Innovations

Claritas Mind Sciences – Claritas strives to merge mindfulness, emerging digital technology and behavioral psychology to develop and scale solutions that will enable people to control their cravings & addictions.

Older & Wiser – Older and Wiser will provide a customized telehealth solution to enable the elderly to access psychiatric services remotely.

KallDoc – Your doctor, on demand medical attention on its way in minutes with the kalldoc app.

Addicaid – Addiction isn’t black or white, it’s a spectrum disorder ranging from abuse and dependency to severe addictions. Addicaid is building a platform that can help motivate you and connect with a community.




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