November 30, 2015

Pharma Tech 2.0 10:45  -  11:45 Pharma Tech 2.0 Central Park West

Pharma Tech 2.0

From smart pills to better deep analytics, few areas are changing as fast as Pharma.  We invite the four best new ideas in Pharma tech to show us how they will enable the New Pharma paradigms and change how we take our medicine.  The Panel will include potential investors, partners, and early adopters that can help make the best ideas take off!  Ready to get some more momentum for your great idea?

We are pleased to announce these fantastic startups will be pitching!

(note, some changes still being made)

Navinata Health – Optimizing 2-way knowledge exchange between Pharma & Physicians

Dr. I-net – Developing a new therapeutic solution for treating type II Diabetes

Blue Mesa Health – Blue Mesa Health has the solution with Transform, a digital diabetes prevention program tailored for your population

Consult Canary – a dynamic decision support services organization that enables healthcare proactively engage their patients across the continuum of care to improve health outcomes, develop meaningful relationships and drive awareness.

Session Category :  BigData  Business  design  Healthcare  healthtech  Innovation  Partnerships  Patients  Pharma  Physicians