Zach Silverzweig

Zach Silverzweig

Co-Founder of CipherHealth

Co-Founder of CipherHealth, a leading provider of healthcare technologies based in New York City

As a cancer survivor, Zach knows first hand the importance of improving patient care. With CipherHealth he has achieved his goal of helping hundreds of hospitals deliver better care to millions of patients through risk stratification and readmission prevention. Bringing over ten years of experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to CipherHealth, Zach Silverzweig leads CipherHealth’s product and development teams, managing the solution lifecycle from napkin to prototype to profitability. Zach also plays a key role in managing the company’s financial operations and helping to shape CipherHealth’s corporate architecture. Prior to CipherHealth, Zach served as founder and CEO of an online fitness planning website. Zach has worked as a consultant at Pace Harmon and Archstone Consulting, where he helped healthcare payors, providers and the Fortune 500 improve operations, increase performance, and reduce costs.


November 30, 2015
Hospitals 2.0
Central Park West
09:30  -  10:30