Joel Wishkovsky

Joel Wishkovsky

Entrepreneur / Investor

Joel Wishkovsky is an innovative entrepreneur, angel investor and startup advisor. He is a leading voice in healthcare technology, 3D printing and the internet of things spaces. He founded Sols Systems, a pioneer in 3D printing of medical devices and Card Gnome which was an early adopter of digital printing. He also was instrumental in launching Smart Vision Labs, a smartphone based vision tool. He is obsessed with democratizing access to healthcare with technology.

Previously Joel was part of General Electric’s prestigious IT leadership program (IMLP) and its financial and operational auditing program (Corporate Audit Staff). During his time there he focused on leading large scale IT implementations and doing financial and operational audit work of GE businesses with a specialty around acquisition integrations.

Joel is also an avid mountaineer, backpacker and traveler who has visited more than 40 countries and only been excluded from one.


November 30, 2015
Pharma Tech 2.0
Central Park West
10:45  -  11:45