Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH

Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH

Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer

I have formal training in epidemiology and board certification in gastroenterology, clinical informatics and internal medicine. Over the last fifteen years, I have led many informatics initiatives at Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai Medical Center. As Director of Sinai AppLab and Chief Technology Innovation and Engagement Officer in Department of Medicine, I support long-term vision of developing Learning HealthCare System that includes point-of-care multi-centric registries, mobile apps for care and building digital medicine evidence.

The Sinai AppLab (, a unique academic lab focused on digital medicine is creating, implementing and evaluating technology platforms. Sinai AppLab goal is to collaborate with health systems nationally to create and curate evidence for digital medicine with an aim to have no patient or provider left behind with access to effective digital medicine tools.


November 30, 2015
Hospitals 2.0
Central Park West
09:30  -  10:30