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Building Momentum in healthcare innovation is all about the crowd that cares about what you are doing. To succeed you must gain the support of five key stakeholders: Patients, Providers, Partners, Institutional leaders, and Investors. Our Panels, Judges, and Speakers are that crowd and are looking for the best new ideas to support. These folks have made the magic happen many times and are ready to do it again. Want to get involved with the best new companies in healthcare?

Susannah Fox

Chief Technology Officer


Dawn Bell

VP, Global Program Head


Peter Frishauf

Digital Health Entrepreneur

Context Matters, EVDY, +4 more

Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square

They say that if you can "make it" in New York then you can make it anywhere and in no industry is this more true than healthcare. With some of the world's best healthcare institutions, financial backers, and innovative partners like Microsoft, this is the place to be. Come join us at the intersection of Broadway and 42nd street in the greatest city of the world for gathering MOMENTUM in healthcare!


Our first annual Momentum event runs all day.
We will host Four Pitch Contests and Four Momentum talks all about driving innovation in healthcare from the perspectives of Patients, Doctors, Partners, and Investors.

Momentum talk speakers and pitch finalists are still being determined, but here is the planned agenda so far and we must say, it is pretty awesome!

November 30, 2015

8:45 AM  -  9 AM
Exhibit Hallway

Meet, Greet, & Tweet

Grab a cup of coffee, network, and get a good seat for the show. Don’t forget to tweet with the crowd using hashtag #MedMo15

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09:00  -  09:10
Central Park West

Welcome to Momentum

Welcome to the MedStartr Momentum 2015 conference by 7 time startup founder Alex Fair.  MedStartr and Health 2.0 have helped over 350 new ideas in healthcare get found and funded faster.  Momentum is the next iteration in our event series, bigger, better, and faster than ever.

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09:30  -  10:30
Central Park West

Hospitals 2.0

Traditional high cost, high touch care centers are rapidly becoming centers of innovation with the help of hundreds of nimble tech teams.  Four of the newest companies transforming this space will present to win!  Want to increase the speed of your hospital sales cycle?  Click below to see the finalists!

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09:15  -  9:30
Central Park West

Partner Momentum: The Importance of Being Colalborative

Nothing gets a healthcare startup going like a great first partnership.  Dr. Pegus has been an outstanding partner to MedStartr, leading the American Heart Association in events and challenges with us.  In the last crowdchallenge the AHA ran 9 early-stage companies closed sixteen major partnerships with the likes of GSK, Astra Zeneca, Mt. Sinai, Sutter […]

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10:45  -  11:45
Central Park West

Pharma Tech 2.0

From smart pills to better deep analytics, few areas are changing as fast as Pharma.  We invite the four best new ideas in Pharma tech to show us how they will enable the New Pharma paradigms and change how we take our medicine.  The Panel will include potential investors, partners, and early adopters that can […]

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10:30  -  10:45
Central Park West

Provider Momentum

Getting the first physician, nurse, PT or allied health professionals as early adopters and experts is key.  A great pilot is one of the best ways to achieve early revenue and get expert feedback from real users for whom you are solving a real problem.  They can also act as distribution channels for your solution. […]

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11:45  -  12:00
Central Park West

Design Momentum: Empathy as our Guide

Empathy inspired design can guide us in our mission to envision better health experiences and make the changes necessary to bring those experiences to life. This presentation will explore how empathy inspires our individual path, enables us to create meaningful solutions for the people we serve, and helps us to improve clinical and business outcomes […]

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Noon  -  1 PM
Exhibit Hallway


Great time to network too!

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12:30  -  12:50
Central Park West

Microsoft Business Solutions Demo

See the latest greatest tech from our host and sponsor Microsoft. Shetal Patel will discuss Microsoft Business solutions for healthcare companies.

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1:30 PM  -  2:30 PM
Central Park West

Reinventing the Clinical Experience

Patients and Physicians have many new tools to engage and collect vast amounts of data. We invite the best new ideas to compete and show us what they have built that will reshape a brighter, better healthcare future for us all.

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1 PM  -  1:30 PM
Main Hall

Innovation at Scale

Scale doesn’t get much bigger than HHS and Susannah Fox has earned her chops in the startup world too.  Now she is running the tech show at HHS and will speak to us on scaling innovations.  In this talk she will discuss the opportunities, options, and strategies startups can pursue to turn a little momentum […]

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2:45 PM  -  3:00 PM
Central Park West

Patient Momentum: Where The Wave Begins

Changing healthcare with innovation is not easy.  Many of us find ourselves compelled to create new solutions to fix what is broken starting from the role of a patient or someone who has lost someone close to them.  Regina Holliday began her journey when she lost her husband Fred Holliday to cancer.  During his illness […]

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2:30 PM  -  2:45PM
Exhibit Hallway

Coffee Break – Sponsored by Cipher Health

Grab some coffee, snacks, network and do some deals!  Make sure you thank the folks from Cipher Health too!

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3:00PM  -  4:00 PM
Central Park West

Wearable Health Tech

From the fitbit IPO to millions of kids wearing the IHT Spirit monitors in Gym class, the IoT has come to healthcare in a big way this year.  Four of the highest potential new ideas in the space will vie to win our heartbeats, mindshare, meetings with partners and investors, and a Momentum startup prize […]

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4:30 PM  -  6:00 PM
Exhibit Hall

Cocktail Hour Sponsored by Truveris

Thanks to sponsor Truveris we will have a social hour or two after the event to network, talk shop and have some fun.

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4 PM  -  4:15 PM
Central Park West


No one knows better the path of the innovator and investor than Peter Frishauf.  Serial healthcare entrepreneur, investor, and activist for change, Peter will share his thoughts on the day and what makes for the ultimate goal of healthcare innovators, achieving sustainable change.

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The Crowd That Cares

MedStartr and H2NYC is made up of an enormous crowd that cares deeply about driving innovation forward. Tens of thousands of Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Hospital Administrators, Programmers, Project Managers, Students, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Engineers, Advocates, law makers, attorneys and more have come together to create a vibrant community that gets behind ideas that will make a difference.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for making this, and so many of our events possible!